Mélange / Désaération

Mélangeurs intensifs PMD / PMD-VC

Traitement automatique des grands batchs 

The PMD-VC intensive mixer is a large-volume stationary mixing and dispersing unit for processing medium- to high-viscosity product batches. It is successfully employed primarily in the coatings, printing inks, wall paints, pigments, and construction industries.  (VC – Variable Capacity – variable effective volume).

The special conical geometry of the mixing tank allows the processing of partial batches from approx. 25% of the stated effective volume, and thus guarantees great flexibility.  

The compact design with the proven drive concept facilitates the mounting of a Big Bag discharger and additional feeding system directly on the machine. It is therefore ideal for integration into automated production processes.

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NETZSCH Intensive Mixer Functional Principle 

Vos Avantages 

Augmentation minimale de la température produit  
Demande de puissance réduite grâce à la séparation fonctionnelle du mélange avec l'agitateur ancre à multi bras et la dispersion avec le disque denté 
Réglage de la hauteur variable du disque denté grâce à la colonne de levage hydraulique 

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Conception Standard 

  • Pièces en contact avec le produit réalisées en acier inox 1.4301 
  • Conception cuve conique 
  • Entraînement Dissolver par la partie supérieure 
  • Dispositif de levage et descente hydraulique pour l'entraînement du Dissolver 
  • Entraînement Ancre par la partie inférieure 
  • Arbre du Dissolver réalisé en acier inox résistant 
  • Soufflets sur l'arbre et la colonne de levage 
NETZSCH PMD/PMD-VC Intensive Mixers

PMD-VC Intensive Mixer

Principle of Operation

The product is processed in the mixing tank by the two mixing and dispersing tools, the anchor agitator and the dispersion disk. The multi-arm anchor agitator with scrapers moves, mixes and feeds the product to the rapidly rotating dispersion disk.  

During the dispersion phase, the toothed disk is moved up and down in the tank. The interaction of the two mixing tools creates an intensive vortex, allows a fast product intake and guarantees a homogeneous product. Separation of the functions mixing and dispersing results in an extremely energy-efficient process. 

The scraper blades mounted on the anchor agitator provide for a residue-free emptying of the tank. 

PMD-VC Intensive Mixer - Principle of Operation & Loading Options

Loading Options

Solids are added via either a sack feed station, a BigBag station or silos. The NETZSCH ADS (Automatic Dispersion System) offers a great advantage when feeding solids via a silo facility. Charging by means of ADS facilitates optimum, fast and agglomerate-free dispersion in conjunction with a defined addition of solids and automatic adjustment of the dispersion disk position. 

ADS – Auto Dispersion System

The ADS is preferably used with automatic solids processing. Through the acquisition of various machine parameters, the height of the toothed disk is automatically adjusted during solids addition such that an optimum vortex is generated. This achieves immediate wetting of the solids, prevents agglomerates and produces a homogeneous product within the shortest dispersion and mixing time. The ADS consists of the following features:


With the ADS, fast, controllable and reproducible solids processing is possible (> 1 t / min). It thus ensures a consistent product quality with the shortest dispersion time. „Overfilling“ of solids, which generally leads to agglomeration and/or sedimentation, is precluded.

PMD-VC Intensive Mixer - Don‘t just mix

Batch Control

Prerequisite for automatic batch systems are weighing and dosing systems that record the quantities of individual components fed. The dosing of the individual components takes place in a preset order and quantity according to the specification of stored formulation parameters. Likewise, the dispersion times, filling and cleaning cycles run according to preset parameters. The process sequence with the batch controller also allows small manual additions, which must be confirmed on the user interface. After completion of the production process, a log can be generated automatically for each batch. 

Weighing System

The intensive mixers can be equipped with load cell systems for floor or platform installation. 

Cleaning System

The PMD-VC mixer can be equipped with a fully-automatic cleaning system (CIP – Cleaning In Place), for which no disassembly of machine parts is necessary. The cleaning is made by cleaning heads in the tank lid, along with integrated cleaning nozzles in the tank wall and base.

Mixer sizes

Type PMD-VCWorking capacityMinimum liquid loadDisperser driveMixer drive
PMD 2500 VC2,500 Liter~ 600 Liter90 / 110 kW5.5 kW
PMD 5000 VC5,000 Liter~ 1,200 Liter110 / 132 kW7.5 kW
PMD 7500 VC7,500 Liter~ 1,800 Liter132 / 160 kW11 kW
PMD 10000 VC10,000 Liter~ 2,500 Liter160 / 200 kW11 kW
PMD 15000 VC15,000 Liter~ 3,750 Liter200 / 250 kW15 kW
PMD 20000 VC20,000 Liter~ 5,000 Liter300 / 360 kW22 kW

*Intermediate sizes on request


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NETZSCH Paint Plant

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NETZSCH Intensive Mixer PMD bigbag fed 

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