NETZSCH Application Laboratories


Production reliability with NETZSCH Vakumix 

The Lab: Here, everything starts.
How important is the laboratory for your company? 

Production reliability with NETZSCH Vakumix

We place our fully equipped laboratory to your disposal:

Test the quality of NETZSCH Vakumix before you make your purchase decision
Develop your own formulas
Produce small series and sample batches
Optimize your products and production processes
Planning and Project Management
Profit from the large experience of our engineers, as most of the problems have already been solved once. We are happy to support you right from the beginning.
Learn from us and we learn from you – for optimum results.

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Customer´s Trials

From the first thought, the first drawings via prototypes up to maturity for the market, a machine passes through many levels.

The most elaborate and time-consuming level is the laboratory. Here, we develop, optimize and improve our latest systems, in order to get the largest surplus possible for the customer.

So we spend innumerable hours with:

  • Endurance Tests,
  • Stress Tests,
  • Cleaning Tests,
  • Powder Handling,
  • Heating and Cooling Optimization,
  • Particle Size Test,
  • Flow Tests,
  • and various other possible optimizations.

All with the aim to manufacture the best and most reliable machines in regard to technology.

NETZSCH Vakumix, Quality for your Production

In-House Development

An investment wants to be well considered. In order to prove the efficiency of our machines, no effort is too high for us!


Test us!

You are cordially invited.

We can how the advantages of the NETZSCH Vakumix technology in our laboratory.

You will be able see functionality directly in operation.

Be convinced by your products coming out of our machines!

Product Design

The Lab: Here, everything starts.
Profit from the technical progress for your own benefit. Our lab is always at the latest state of technology and sometimes you even have the possibility to test our innovations before market entry. 

Thus, you are able to prepare your recipe and products the best way possible for the future, no matter if it is an optimization or a totally new recipe.

  • Develop your new formulas with us.
  • Optimize your products
  • Produce your sample batches

Profit from our fully equipped NETZSCH Vakumix laboratory.

Rental / Small Batch Production

We place a fully equipped laboratory at your disposal

Produce with us:

  • Sample Batches
  • Product Trials
  • Small Batches

No matter if you are a "Start-Up" company and do not have an own production or if you just want to benefit from the comfort and technology, you are cordially welcome at our laboratory.

Production reliability with NETZSCH Vakumix
Learn from us and we learn from you – for optimum results.

Dispersing & Homogenizing

Products & Solutions in the field of Dispersing & Homogenizing