Various flammable, explosive compounds known as nitrocelluloses (NC) are formed through esterification of cellulose with nitric acid and sulfuric acid. One can distinguish between several cellulose nitrates by the nitrogen content: collodion wool is used as a binder for paints and for the production of celluloid. Gun cotton, with a slightly higher nitrogen content is used for explosives. But the well-known ping-pong balls as well are still made of celluloid today.


In the production of nitrocellulose (NC), the raw cellulose must be in fibrous form prior to further chemical treatment. The raw material is prepared accordingly using CHM Hammer Mills. Before entering the hammer mill, the cellulose, in the form of web goods, is continuously fed via a specially-designed conveyor into a rotary beater, where it is separated into fibers with no bundling or knotting.
A CHZM Horizontal Toothed Disk Mill is used for the subsequent continuous nitration of the cellulose. Water and acid are simultaneously added to the shredded product, which is is continuously wetted and homogenized within the milling area.

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